( How to Clean your Sweet Home …a guide for House wives……Live without dirt )

A Happy Home is made up of a Living room [Hall and Dining], Bed rooms, Kitchen and Washrooms.

Sweeping, Dusting, Mopping and Scrubbing are steps we need to follow to maintain the cleanliness in the HOUSE.

Application of Anti bacteria / Anti Microbial liquids not only remove bacteria, and fungus, but also keep them away for a long period of time from the lovely home.

Following method / procedures change your home to Clean, shine, dust free and bacteria free




Cleaning Tools/ Chemicals

Cleaning Method / Procedure

Ceiling, ceiling Fan and A/C

1. Ladder.

2. Ceiling broom.\Cob web

3. Feather brush.

4. Check Duster.

5. Vacuum Cleaner.

Clean the Ceiling first with ceiling broom or if ladder is available clean with feather brush or Vacuum cleaner is available vacuum the ceiling.

While cleaning the ceiling you have to check for the cobwebs especially in the corners and in the Ac grills.

Cleaning of the ceiling to be carried out from corner to corner in anti clockwise.

Start at high level and work down to lover level

The fan brush is ideal to clean Fan. Feather duster or Check duster also can use to clean Fan

Light fixtures, Chandeliers,    Photo frame,TV, Audio Appliances, Computer  and wall etc.

1.Feather Duster/ Static duster

2.Yellow Duster ( Brushed cloth)

3. Check Duster

4. computer key board brush

5. All Purpose cleaner

All the electrical equipments have to be detached carefully from the power supply.

Computer: The key board should be clean with key Board brush. Check the corners and gaps of the key board and also of the monitor.

TV/ Video/ Audio : Use feather duster and Yellow duster to remove the dust from those electronic equipments. May use soft tissue paper to clean monitor.

Do not use any kind of chemicals to clean monitors.

Diluted solution of All Purpose Cleaner on the duster can be used for cleaning the body of electronic appliances. To make it shine, clean it with Metal Polish/Mincream.

Lamp shade: Clean the lamp shade [hard surfaced] with All Purpose Cleaner duster and to make it shine polish it with Metal Polish. The shade of upholstery needs to be brushed with upholstery brush.

Clean carefully light fixtures, Photo frame and wall etc.  No wet dusters or chemicals to be used.

Curtain , Sofa, Carpet Etc

1 Carpet Brush

2 Vacuum cleaner

Upholstery means the top cloth covering of the chairs. Clean the upholstery with upholstery brush or Vacuum cleaner.

The cleaning should be done from top to down and right to left vise versa. Check especially the corners & below the sitting portion of the chair.

Brush Sofa (cloth), curtains, Venetian blinds and remove dust first.

Carpet can be vacuumed last.

Furniture , Doors,

Book Shelves , Cupboards

1.Check Duster or Glass        Duster

2.All purpose Cleaner

2.Glass wiper ( squeeze)

3. Applicator

4. Scraper

5.Spray bottle

6. Metal polish

Dusting is a major and also an important part of cleaning. Dusting involves picking up loose dirt and soil particles and so the particular is ready for the next process. In dusting we have to take in consideration which item we are dusting.

A diluted All purpose cleaner can be used to clean. Apply/ Spray cleaning liquid on  the duster and clean the particular furniture.

Don't spray or apply cleaning chemicals directly to the property.

Fold the duster in several, when using the duster it should be refolded from time to time as it becomes soiled.

Neatly arrange the rest of the furniture in each room, Neatly stack magazines or spread them out and a table, Straighten hanging wall pictures, Fluff cushions on sofas and chairs, and arrange neatly

Do not forget the clean the below portion of the furniture.

To make it shine polish the instrument with Metal Polish

Floor ( Dusting)

1. Floor Brush or Soft Broom

2.Dustpan with brush

Before starting the procedure of sweeping ensure the entire garbage from the bins has been collected and only then start the sweeping process.

The entire Home has to be thoroughly swept along with the corners by Floor Brush. The sweeping has to be done before all cleaning as if it is done later the dust will fly and again settle on the dusted furniture.

Remove the dust wall to wall by brushing floor brush or soft broom.

Bring the dust to one end and collect the same by dustpan/ brush and dispose in dust bin.


Dust Control:

Dry mop Blue/ Green

Size 18’’x5’’


Dust mopping is the method used to replace sweeping with a Soft Broom.

It is much easier, doesn't put into the air and is more efficient in most cases.

Dust particles are so fine, the slightest disturbance of the air, scatters them in all directions.

Dust is the carrier of highly infections and contagious germs. Also many people have dust allergies.

Dust particles also cause excessive wear to the working parts of instruments like TV, Audio, Laptop, Calculators, computers and similar house hold electric/ electronic devises.

This dust control mop is the best tool for controlling dust on floor. Its blue colour microfiber filament removes even tiny particles. When it rub with floor, its produce stating energy and small dust particles get attracts on the filaments.

This mop can be used twice or thrice in a day. Its 180d moving action can use even under the furniture's.

This mop not only removes the dust but also polish your floor.

Never lift your dust mop from the floor unless a great deal of trash and dust has accumulated in front of the Dry mop or you can see dust is being left on the surface as you pass.

If there is heavy dust accumulated, lift your dust mop a few inches from the floor , shake it gently  several times and remove collected dust on floor by using dust pan with brush. Don't use this mop in wet condition.

Clean this mop by brush or vacuum cleaner. It may be washed in water but should be dried properly before use.

Floor Moping ( Wet Moping

1.Round or Flat Mop

2.Floor Cleaner

3.Wringer Trolley Mop Bucket or Normal Plastic Bucket

After dusting there will be minor deposit of dust and coated oil and soil will be on floor.

By wet moping with Good floor cleaner, those will be removed.

Cleaning starts from the one end of wall portion and finishes at last end.

All corners should be mopped properly.

When the mop becomes dirty/ black clean it with fresh water in regular intervals.

Dip the mop in diluted floor cleaner solution and then squeeze it (by hand or wringer) to remove excess water before each moping.

Let air dry the floor and then use.

A good Floor cleaner has its own working action like Soil/ Oil penetration (Remove dirt even with oil), polish the floor and works against bacteria.

Window sliding Doors / Glass windows

1. Glass cleaner,

2. Glass squeeze

3. Applicator

4. Glass duster.

Door glass and mirrors in restrooms can be handle with glass Cleaner in a hand spray bottle and paper toweling.

All other glass requires a window wash Applicator, solution, and squeegee.

Whenever possible – when the glass surface is large enough – use the squeegee to wash windows.

Toilet/ Wash Rooms

CADDY containing

1.All Purpose

Cleaner –

2.Toilet Cleaner

3. Glass Cleaner.

4.Toilet brush Round

3. Scouring Pad.

4. Sponge.

5. Hand gloves.

6. Tooth brush.

7. Anti Bacterial Cleaner3. Glass Cleaner.

4.Toilet brush Round

3. Scouring Pad.

4. Sponge.

5. Hand gloves.

6. Tooth brush.

7. Anti Bacterial Cleaner

Always start the cleaning from top to bottom so dust the electrical fittings, exhaust fan and ledges.

Get the floor sweeping done with soft broom or feather brush.

Empty all the dust bins.

Flush the W.C., wear the hand gloves and apply Toilet Bowl Cleaner inside the W.C. and spread it with the toilet brush. Keep it for sometime as it will the loosen the dirt stains and will also disinfect the W.C.

Use All Purpose Cleaner for wash basin scrubbing. Scrub the stopper thoroughly. Scrub the wash basin counter, fixtures etc. Use tooth brush to clean the corners, behind the taps & grooves.

Clean the mirror using the Glass Cleaner thoroughly.

Again turn around towards the W.C. Use the toilet brush to scrub the W.C. bowl. Flush thoroughly. Scrub the rim, W.C. seat cover, under the W.C. bowl with scouring pad and sponge using All Purpose Cleaner.. Wipe the W.C. dry.

Wipe the entire toilet with Floor Cleaner or All Purpose Cleaner. Do not use the toilet dusters outside the toilet.

Check and refill the toiletries , Don't forget to air dry the toilet.


1. Scouring Pad

2. Sponge.

3.Check Duster.

4. All Purpose Cleaner.

5. Floor Cleaner

6. Anti bacterial Cleaner

Kitchen: Includes basin counter, granite platform, Counters, Cupboards, Tables, Chairs, Water filter etc.

The basin counter to be scrubbed with the scouring pad using All purpose cleaner solution.

The basin to be scrubbed with nylon scrubber using All Purpose Cleaner to avoid scratches on it. Clean the basin drain properly as food particles are stuck to it. Clean the corners around the basin thoroughly as dirt easily get accumulates.

Use Anti bacterial solution to eradicate germs factor.

Clean the Water Purifier as per the procedure and also underneath the machines.

The cupboards to be cleaned and neatly arranged as there are chances of pest activity. The clean cupboard will also help to eradicate the musty smell on the plates and cups.

Scrub the table tops and clean the legs. Do not forget to clean below the table tops.

Use All Purpose Cleaner solution for scrubbing. Sweep the floor thoroughly with Floor Brush.

Get the floor scrubbed. Use Floor Cleaner for scrubbing.

Home Scrubbing

( Once in a month

1.Floor Cleaner.

2. Floor wiper.

3. Floor mop.

4. Scrubbing brush.

SCRUBBING:  Process is the last process which follows in following route.

Shift all the movable & loose furniture in the space available. Get the entire home thoroughly swept.

Get the ledges and the corners hand scrubbed.

Sprinkle Floor cleaner solution on the floor taking precautions that it will not wet the elevated objects.

Scrubbed the floor with the help of Scrubbing brush rigorously from inside to outside in proper sequence so no area left un scrubbed. Remove the water from inside to outside with the help of floor wiper.

Sprinkle plain water again on the floor and get it removed so that it will remove the stickiness of the chemical used. Then mop the floor and allow it to air dry.

Place all the moved objects in their respective place

Home Sanitation

( Once in a month)

1. Anti Bacterial Solution / Anti microbial solution

The bad odor home is Bacteria Home. Specially in kitchen during washing Fish/ Meat or even vegetables its waste deposits in corners of the platform/ Sink where cannot clean properly. Overnight it generates large quantities of bacteria and makes bad odors. Corners of the floor and Dustbin areas also there will be heavy gather of bacteria's.

The toilet also generates lot of bacteria's and bad odors, especially if the toilet is not proper ventilated.

Way to sanitize the property:

1)Mop / wipe with Antibacterial cleaner in all surfaces and leave for few minutes. Wash there after with water.

2)Spray the Antibacterial cleaner (use spray bottle) on entire area and leave for few minutes.

3)Dip in Antibacterial cleaner and keep for few minutes and wash with water, if it is kitchen tools or vessels.

The best practice is spraying the Antibacterial cleaner, entire areas of Kitchen / Toilet at night and wash next day morning. You can have odorless and fresh air Kitchen/ toilet.

The largest area, where Bacteria settles and develops are, Main door handles, Computer key board and telephone mouth piece

Clean the telephone instruments / Main door handles with the Anti bacterial Cleaner duster. It clean as well as kills bacteria.